We are FRUYPER, a company with a stake in the future, in constant development and in search of innovative solutions, applied to products manufactured traditionally. The success of each and every of our new proposals lies in a close market monitoring and in a highly involved staff, in active pursuit of innovative solutions based on market trends.

The pillars on which we support our work are:

Vision – Our founder, Don Antonio Pérez began distributing olives in his motorcycle, he had a dream: become the best distributor of olives in the region. His vision has been our inspiration and the engine that has driven our efforts to provide the best olives, since 1962.

Passion – For the fruits given, for the olive tree…. for the Olive. FRUYPER in pursuit of excellence; best quality and flavor. We are proud of the work we do and we take pride in our product.

Tradition – In the collection, in the selection and in the production. We respect and sustain the traditions because we know the benefits they provide. We are fascinated by the olives and pickles, which encourages us to seek the perfection.

Engagement – We involve ourselves in the brand FRUYPER is identified as quality and accountability with the environment. The care of the planet affects the qualities of fruits that we provide, that is why we are committed to conservation to be able to continue to develop the best canned foods.