Fruyper is a company of deep-rooted tradition.  All started with a vision, that of D. Antonio Pérez, whose passion for the olive made him start a distribution with his own motorcycle.  Over the years Fruyper evolved as a company specialized in the processing of olives of different varieties, into the benchmark Enterprise that is nowadays

Always at the forefront, respecting the traditional values. This inspires our daily work and supports our quality policy, striving excellence in every recipe that we elaborate

Our history is linked to the evolution of a family tradition, strongly rooted in the world of canning. A life entirely committed to the elaboration of olives and pickles.  Since 1962, we have been working to process and deliver olives and pickles with a high added value.

We put all our passion into what we do, this is our philosophy. This principle motivates the processing of a product accomplished by its quality. Our raw materials come, only, from sustainable crops and are committed to upholding the best farming practices.  We are exhaustive when making the selection of the fruits which will be processed.  In this phase, innovation is always present to guarantee the excellence and offer new flavors, adapted to the new times.

More than half a century committed to our customers, growing with them and devoted to offer an exceptional product.


15 million kilos of olives per year

FRUYPER, S.A. has a collection and handling plant located in the province of Badajoz, where our qualified staff harvests, processes and classifies the best fruits.  These will be packed in Murcia facilities.  This work system of work allows an absolute traceability of the product, from the plantation until it reaches your table. This way we can warrant the excellent quality offered under our brand. The optimization and supervision of the entire enables the brand to provide our consumers with the best olives and pickles, always at the best price.